Do you have knowledge you want to share? Retail professionals and trade show speakers will find retail buyers and businesses at Culture+ ASD eager to learn from them! Culture+ ASD produces a three-day interactive and educational seminar program that provides tips and insights on sourcing, new laws and regulations, product testing, logistics, and building business relationships.

We are always looking for professionals and trade show speakers who understand the complexity of sourcing and can provide insights on sourcing strategies and best practices to compete in this industry.

Speakers must:

  • Understand that this speaking engagement is a non-paid event. The speaker will not be paid an honorarium or reimbursed for expenses.
  • Have the ability to speak effectively to an audience of 65-100 people.
  • Limit each session to 1-hour.
  • Refrain from selling products and/or services during their session. Topics should be educational in nature.

To apply to become a speaker, e-mail Elisa Verita at

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